Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Turnarounds, Workouts and Creditors Rights

At Keech Law Firm, we help commercial borrowers and lenders to strategically evaluate and protect their rights in all kinds of insolvency situations. We help companies, both large and small, faced with difficult financial situations to assess, confront, and effectively manage their legal options.

Rather than looking at bankruptcy as the only option, we always work with our clients to consider out-of-court restructuring for commercial borrowers. This can be particularly effective in cases where the problem is readily definable and addressable by current management and the business is willing to deal with its creditors openly, fairly, and in good faith. We work to achieve the maximum benefit for our clients and have the experience to negotiate complex and beneficial solutions.

Our practice helps navigate commercial borrowers through Chapters 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies and provides aggressive representation to defend preference, fraudulent transfer, and lien avoidance claims by bankruptcy trustees.

Creditor Representation

Keech Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to help creditors in foreclosures, replevins, and all manners of collection efforts in Arkansas state courts. We also represent secured and unsecured creditors (including executory contract counter-parties) in local and national bankruptcy proceedings.