Business Advisory Services

Members of our firm have served as lead and co-counsel to Chapter 11 debtors in over 20 cases in the past 17 years. These cases have generally involved liquidating and reorganizing commercial assets valued between $1MM and $10MM through bankruptcy court approved processes, such as motions to sell free & clear of liens and reorganizing debts under confirmed Chapter 11 Plans.

We have acted as counsel to six Chapter 7 panel trustees involving case administration issues including prosecution and settlement of multiple preference adversary proceedings, collection of accounts receivable, sale of assets free and clear of liens, prosecution of lien avoidance actions and determination of the extent, validity and priority of liens, and liquidation of estate claims and assets involving jointly owned assets and minority ownership of business entities, as well as contingent and contested claims such as fraud and breach of fiduciary duty and professional malpractice.

We also act as counsel to creditors and debtors in litigating, at trial and on appeal to the Eighth Circuit of Appeals, dischargeability complaints and objections to discharge. Counsel to creditors in defending preference claims, preference defense, motions to dismiss, objections to plan confirmations, motions for relief from stay and claims objections.

Bankruptcy law is complex. Whether you are a debtor, creditor, or other interested party, retaining experienced counsel protects you from making a mistake that could have a drastic effect on your interests. Equally as important is the sort of strategic creativity that only the most experienced bankruptcy practitioners can offer. At Keech Law Firm, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and above the fray to obtain the most productive and positive results for our clients.

A Chapter 13 debtor is permitted to retain all of his or her assets while the repayment plan is in progress, and upon its successful completion after 3-5 years.

The decision to seek bankruptcy relief is a serious one, with long-term implications. We encourage you to contact Keech Law Firm as soon as possible to discuss your case, and how we can assist you in navigating your financial distress, whether through bankruptcy or by another means.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Strategic planning and business advisory services are not just for large, publicly-traded companies. According to the United States Small Business Administration, of all the businesses started in the U.S., fewer than one-third remain in operation a decade later. However, research shows that if you consider a narrower pool of those small businesses that have received professional advice and mentoring, the number of those businesses that survive after a decade jumps to 70%!

We firmly believe that investing in the answer to your questions early in the life of your business will save time, energy, and the expense of dealing with problems later on. Whether you are thinking about starting a business or want to change course in your current enterprise, the professionals at Keech Law Firm want to help. We are proud to offer a variety of services to small and mid-sized, closely-held Arkansas companies, from seed stage forward, including:

  • Choice of Entity Advice
  • Start-up Management
  • Capital Growth Planning
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Buy-Side & Sell-Side Transaction Advice
  • Exit & Succession Planning
  • Receivership Services
  • Internal Business Relations

Debt Restructuring & Turn around Services

If you or your business are experiencing significant financial hardship, we can help before resorting to bankruptcy. Once we help identify the problems, we work with management to develop an executable plan based on tangible goals. We then work to re-establish trust and communication with creditors. We often find that creditors prefer to negotiate terms that are more favorable to you, rather than risk seeing your operations cease, even when multiple creditors are involved.  It is necessary to negotiate terms that are mutually acceptable between and among them.

Debt restructuring is a method used by individuals and companies with outstanding debt obligations to alter the terms of the debt agreements, in order to place themselves in a more manageable or advantageous position. Debt can be restructured not only to remedy default, but also to avoid it, by taking advantage of lower interest rates or longer repayment terms.

Keech Law Firm has extensive experience communicating and negotiating with creditors and stakeholders, on behalf of clients, often in complex, high-profile matters. We attempt to identify the problems early, come up with solutions, and present a comprehensive plan to major stakeholders outside bankruptcy when we can. We are experienced in working with professionals in a number of industries and understand the importance of identifying and addressing problems in an analytical and transparent manner.